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X/Y Starter pokemon evolutions confirmed

So today the internet decided to inform me of this…


My initial though = “NAH! INTERWEBZ IS MESSING WIFF CHA!” So I immediately jumped onto Serebii.net to check out if it was in fact true… And to my horror, yes, the makers of Pokémon have decided to make these three Pokémon the evolutions of the X and Y starter Pokémon. Am I impressed? Hell no! Could they have picked worse designs? Possibly not! Needless to say I will still be getting the game but I think this may be the first time that I don’t play the game through with my starter Pokémon…

So, before you just assume I hate on all none Pokémon of the original 150, I must say I have been overall impressed with some of the new Pokémon designs. Some of which you can see below.

Nyaonikusu                                                                Chigorasu

nyaonikusu     chigorasu

The new Pikachu; Dedenne                               Noivern

dedenne       noivern

And there’s many more than that!

So as I said my general attitude is not “The initial 150 Pokémon are the best or GTFO.” I have stuck through with the trash Pokémon and the ice-cream Pokémon and my personal worst the love heart fish Pokémon… Some of my favourite Pokémon are not of the original 150. I am not just hating for hating’s sake! But I do think that it is important that they at least get one of the first three Pokémon right. You need to connect with at least one because you essentially start your Pokémon adventure with one of these three. Which means you don’t want them to evolve into a nut with a pointy noise, a fox with a stick in its tail and… a thing…

I think what my main problem with these evolutions are, and what really makes me kind of sad, is that some of the fan art on the potential Pokémon evolutions are far more superior to what the artists working on the actual game have come up with.

So with that thought, lets look at what could have been…

It was hard to pick but here are five of my favourite pieces of fan art;

The final evolution of all three starter Pokémon by http://turtle-arts.deviantart.com/


The evolutions of Chespin by http://pashapup.deviantart.com/


The evolutions of Fennekin by http://nastyjungle.deviantart.com/


The evolutions of Froaky by http://kezrek.deviantart.com/


And lastly I found this on google but cannot for the life of me track down the original artists, so if anyone has any idea please give me a shout!


I suppose all that really matters now is how the final evolutions will look. We can always hope! Please don’t let us down!

Artistic, nerdy, awkard but awesome. Sociopath! The End.

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