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The Six Million Dollar Question: Who is at Birmingham Comic Con?

Well, if you did not guess by the title, it is Colonel Steve Austin from the iconic sci-fi television series Six Million Dollar Man, otherwise known as Lee Majors. Majors is also famous for his role as Colt Seavers, a stunt man who moonlights as a bounty hunter, in the cult eighties TV-series The Fall Guy. Throughout the weekend Lee Majors will be discussing his roles in these ground-breaking shows, as well as taking time to meet his fans.


Joining Lee Majors will be a plethora of stars, including Dina Meyer (from Starship Troopers and the Saw films), the ever-lovely Virginia Hey (Zhaan from Farscape), Angus MacInnes (Gold Leader from Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope), Amanda Noar (who starred in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi) and many others.

There will also be a comic village, filled to the brim with comic writers and artists, as well as the masquerade ball to display the stunning costumes of the cosplayers.

For the more active participants, there is the e-sports arena, where gamers will be facing off against each other in Ultra Street Fighter 4. There will also be the Robots Live, where the iron-clad gladiators from Robot Wars will be scrapping it out throughout the weekend.

All in all, Birmingham Comic Con is going to be epic.  Tickets can be bought in advance here.


Peter Ray Allison
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