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Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers REVIEW

How many times can you sell the same game?

With multiple re-releases, updates, roster changes and new features over its history, how does the Nintendo Switch exclusive stand out! Not too well unfortunately.

Street Fighter II was probably one of the greatest games I have ever played in an arcade; bar none. Button bashing against my mates in a tireless battle of wits, I have fond memories of many glorious victories and just as many ignominious defeats all the while draining my precious pocket money; it was / is a real treasure. So picking up the newest incarnation for the Switch, I had nostalgic visions of those very days, back in the arcade, and hoped its ass kicking, martial arts toting, fire ball flinging awesome would wash over me once again.

The original formula is still the staple to this release, but little more has been done to make it any more engaging. Arcade Mode will still take your chosen character all around the world to face the variety of challengers we have gotten used to and online mode will normally see your backside handed to you without laying a single punch!

This being said, you can now play as one of TWO new characters.. and by new i mean, rehashed versions of two old characters, with Evil Ryu and Violent Ken! Very underwhelming. I don’t care too much for the dark versions of Ryu or Ken to be honest as Chun-Li was always my preferred fighter, why no evil version of her?.

On top of these lack luster additions, If you play SF2 Ultra for a while, it won’t take long for the crushing repetition to set in. something compounded by the lack of any real customisation; which just lets you change the outfit to a set colour.

There are of course  some positives to come out of Ultra, with the graphics and images looking great and invoking some great nostalgic feelings while exploding off the screen and if that’s not enough you can change the graphics to the classic 16-bit style for a real trip down memory lane.

On top of this the characters are all still fun to play, just make sure you mix up your selections now and again and there is also the ‘Way Of The Hado’ which actually makes use of the joy-con controllers to throw your own Hadokens! Lots of fun.

All in all Street fighter II Ultra is not a perfect game and I’m afraid that the only reason people will want to play it is due to the the rose tinted glasses of their childhood. Sure it does encapsulate the old game in part but this version was just a bit lame if i’m honest.

Hopefully, Nintendo, i’m looking at you , this will be the final rehash of this beloved game.

Final rating: 2.5/5

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

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Jonjo Cosgrove
Jonjo Cosgrove
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