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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Whedon is making Marvel more awesome!


Joss Whedon

Last week, whilst on holiday in Wales, there was a rare moment where I had good signal capable of connecting me to the world of the internets, something I was sorely missing. In this brief moment of connection I discovered the news that the most awesome and worship worthy Joss Whedon is going to be heading up Marvel new tv show S.H.E.I.L.D, cue cheers and whoops! I even ran into the other room to inform my other half.

Now I am a Whedonite, I mean Buffy, Angel, and of course the most revered, cancelled before its time, best cowboy in space series Firefly. You can’t not love him, he makes stories about characters, makes us care and invest in them and then turns it on its head to shock and leave us wanting more. Plus Avengers. I admit I was worried about Avengers on the big screen, because it had to be done right and that was a enormous challenge for any director but, my god, he pulled it out the bag and then some. So to hear that he will be working on Marvels S.H.E.I.L.D reassures me that if it can be done well, he will do it.

What also comforts me is that fact that he is so openly excited about his projects. He is geek just like me and he has the weapons and talent to influence all of geek culture and is a avid supporter of strong female characters that kick just as much ass as the males. To a girl geek like me he is a hero. I can’t really think of  a better person for the job.

Unfortunately a full blown series is not a guarantee, Joss has been quoted as saying:

“I can’t guarantee that any of that will happen… They might give us all the support and then not do that, but then audiences might go, ‘Yeahhh … no.’ You just can’t be sure. What I do know is that it’s the show it should be, and we’ve got some really dope notions.” Entertainmentwise.com

If Whedon says it is going to be ‘dope’ I need no more convincing.  ABC would be foolish not to give it a fair chance. After the success of Avengers networks should be falling over themselves to make Marvel world TV.

Even more exciting in all this is that Joss has signed to Marvel for 3 years for movie and TV projects. Already announced as staying for Avengers 2, he is also going to be involved in other cinematic Marvel projects. I love the idea of this, hopefully he will bring some continuity to the Marvel-verse and bring the world we love and have read about in comics for year to life as a visual spectacular.

So there it is! Whedon joining Marvel only means good things, his repeated successes of the past almost guarantee S.H.E.I.L.D will be awesome. If, by some remote chance, its not then I will look to the fat cat executives who will have no doubt tied the hands of the genius that is our Joss.

Becca Harper
Becca Harperhttp://geekparenting.tumblr.com/
Editor and occasional writer for Geek Pride! I prefer Star Trek over Star Wars, collect comics and wish I could be a superhero one day. I tabletop RPG as well as a little gaming, design the odd t-shirt now and again, update my Geek Parenting Tumblr and when I have cash to spend (which is rare) I scour the internet for Wonder Woman collectables. Also Doctor Who and Firefly rock!!

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