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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Whovians, Start Your Engines!

Thirty seconds. Thirty short seconds is all it takes to raise my excitement levels to a realm never seen before. Call the feds, call NASA, call the men in white coats for I have risen to a new dimension with the sheer thrill that those thirty seconds caused!

Saturday 30th March 2013 brings the new series of Doctor Who to our screens and as you can tell, I am stoked. The BBC have released a thirty second teaser trailer for the first episode of Series 7, Part Two. Named “The Bells of Saint John”, we see the Doctor try and rescue the world once more; a deadly device has been implanted into the WiFi across the globe and now the Doctor must race against time to save us lowly humans for the millionth time.

Oh, and he gets a motorcycle.


Watch the teaser trailer here, and join me in the newly-discovered empire of exhilaration!

Here is me in the form of a haiku: My name is Jodie, Love fun, love hugs, loving life, To write is to be.

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