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Writers Challenge: Zombie Apocalypse – Survival #4 Team SKB

It’s 10:04pm, on this wet and windy winters night.  Breaking news interrupts on the television…

‘News just in. We have several reports of members of public being attacked by, what the authorities are calling…. Wait this can’t be right… Stan have you got this correct?.. I’m sorry Great Britain, we thank you for your patience…’

The new report leans of camera, talking to her producer and all I can think is, how can they interrupt Sex and the City for this… no wait… I mean Deadliest Warrior.

‘…. I’m sorry viewers, it appears my script is correct…  Members of the public have are being attacked by the walking dead… This is… This is the Zombie Apocalypse…’

I switch off my television, it is time to put my ZA plan in to action… Come on, you all have one, admit it.

I pick up my mobile phone and flip it open (ok it’s a smart phone and so doesn’t flip open, but it sound more cinematic) and I scroll through my contacts to gather my survival team.

I knew this day would come and after years of scouring the planet creating dossiers on the best of the best I created my survival team.  Some took more convincing the others, but in the end my chosen four agreed to join my team should the need be required.  I need a leader, the one person to guide my team through this mess, keep us together in the tough times ahead and make all those important decisions (Team Leader). Someone who is strong in mind as well as in body has that ‘true grit’ attitude and spirit, who can fight and is tactically sound,  guard the perimeter and the people inside (Fighter). Now injuries and illnesses are likely to occur so a reliable and competent medical practitioner is required, one preferably with a medical license (Medic). We will also need to eat, to gather and prepare food, for that we will need a cook (Cook). Finally we will need someone to be a assist in the cooking, strengthening of the defences, keeping watch etc. (General Helper).


I hang up the phone, I finally managed to reach the team and they are on the way.  It’s time to start preparing the safe house for their arrival.

Several days later the basic defences are up,  I have met a few of the zombies here and there but no real issues, luckily they appear to have moved on to the more populated areas they once frequented as humans, the shops, supermarkets and stadiums.  The team should be hear any moment now, and as I sit down and wait for them I flick through the team dossiers one more time… I know I’ve picked the correct team, take a look yourself.

And for all those out there.  I’ll see you on the other side, good luck.










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