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Batman: The Telltale Series

by Callum Tyndallon 30/12/2016
Telltale’s Batman is an awkward proposition for me, struggling on a core divide. You see, I absolutely adore the world of Batman but I really do not gel with the mechanics of Telltale’s games. Batman is hands down my favourite superhero, possibly my favourite fictional character full stop, and the chance to inhabit his world […]

Gotham – Jokes on…us?

by Daniel Delargyon 09/01/2015
Gotham has been introducing several big-names to the small screen, from a young Harvey Dent to a streetwise Selena Kyle. However, there is an iconic face who has been seemingly absent throughout the series so far – one with a particular smile which sets all on edge. Ah, but one cannot simply depict the origin […]

Is this the Most Plausible Joker Theory Yet?

by therockfairyon 02/11/2014
Ever since Gotham started, and for a little while before, speculation of how the Joker will be worked into the plot has been rife. Of course, Gotham is not a story about Batman per se so are we wrong to even think that the Joker will make an appearance given the time the series is […]

Growing Pains; the Myriad Problems with Fox’s Gotham

by Andy Haighon 31/10/2014
The idea of a TV series set in Gotham City years before Batman appeared, explaining the origins of James Gordon, Harvey Bullock, The Penguin, Cat Woman and various other characters associated with DC’s Dark Knight, sounded like a great idea in theory. Unfortunately the execution has been distinctly lacking thus far.  Fox’s new TV series […]

Gotham: The Show We Deserve

by Laura Maieron 25/09/2014
My opinion on DC’s film and TV ventures has been pretty thoroughly documented- from my love of the campy and fun Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Teen Titans Go! cartoons, to my bile-spewing hatred of Beware the Batman and every movie they’ve made since Superman II, to my uncomfortable ambivalence towards Smallville and Arrow. […]

Arkham Origins

by Callum Tyndallon 03/11/2013
God damn Batman is cool. In my opinion, straight up the best superhero out there. There is just so much to love about him but, for me, the root of his sheer awesomeness is the fact that he’s just a man. A man who has not only gone toe to toe with gods, psychopaths and […]

I’m drooling – Batman: Arkham Origins announced

by James Buckinghamon 10/04/2013
Warner Bros. Montreal just made my bank scream at me a little more by announcing Batman: Arkham Origins yesterday, the much anticipated prequel to the critically acclaimed Arkham series for PC and consoles. Coming from US publication Game Informer by way of C&VG, there’s a plethora of information provided on the forthcoming title, as well […]

Puffin to Publish 11 Doctor Who Short Stories for 50th Anniversary

by Becca Harperon 05/01/2013
  As I am sure you are aware this year celebrates 50 glorious years of Doctor Who which has whovians like myself very excited. Penguin publishing are joining in with the celebrations by publishing 11 short stories or e-shorts, each one involving one of the eleven Doctors. The series begins with a story featuring the […]