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Wulverblade – Xbox One

by Matt Gearyon 15/02/2018
Video review is here: or the written word below: About 3 years ago, myself, and a couple of GPers, were on our annual jaunt around Play Expo in Manchester, when we came across a big flat screen TV, surrounded by nice branding, Roman Helmets and an interesting looking Historic Hack and Slash game called….Wulverbalde. Now […]

Coin Op Capers: Atari Vault Review

by Andrew Corbanon 01/04/2016
Atari is a name synonymous with the birth of the gaming industry, and its part in the brief death of the aforementioned industry in 1983. Their back catalogue includes 14 consoles and 100’s of games. So it’s no surprise then that Atari in these leaner years wants to dip back into its varied bag of […]

Kaizo Trap – Beautifully, Geeky, Animated Music Video

by Matt Gearyon 18/02/2016
On my regular jaunt around the Internet I stumbled across the below video (by Guy Collins) and being the curious chap I am, I gave it a click… beautiful is the word. In short it’s an animated music video about a girlfriend who buys her hubby a retro Games Console; cause that’s what awesome Girlfriends […]

Play-It Press Night

by MrJoncoreon 27/07/2015
So I attended my first press event and oh man (or woman), I couldn’t be more happy that the Play-It press event was it. On arrival I didn’t really know what to expect but being greeted with a handful of cosplayers having photos taken was a pretty interesting start and with Mr Geary, Geek Pride’s […]

Neo Geo X Update – Tommo Responds To Termination

by Phil_Matthewson 09/10/2013
Last Friday we told you that the license agreement between Tommo Inc. and SNK  Playmore USA Corp had been terminated. Well, Tommo have now responded to SNK’s press release, regarding this and say that the termination is unjustified as no terms of the agreement have been breached by them. Earlier this year, the agreement was […]

Neo Geo X License Terminated

by Phil_Matthewson 04/10/2013
The Neo Geo X console, which emulated Neo Geo AES games, is to be discontinued due the termination of the license and distribution agreement between its manufacturers, TOMMO Inc, and the copyright holders, SNK Playmore. Not only that, but they have demanded that the Neo Geo X Arcade Stick is taken off the shelves altogether.  Being an owner […]

RetroN 5 – A 9-in-1 Retro Console Coming Soon

by Phil_Matthewson 04/10/2013
Thinking of buying a retro console, but not sure which one to get? Well, Hyperkin’s RetroN 5 console is coming to the UK soon, able to play nine different 8-bit and 16-bit formats: NES, SNES, Famicom, Super Famicom, Megadrive, Genesis, Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance. It doesn’t just emulate them like some consoles out there- it has […]

Retro Game Base – London’s Last Retro Video Game Store

by Phil_Matthewson 31/05/2013
On the morning of Saturday 25th May, the first day of the UK May bank holiday weekend, I was quite happily playing on my PS3 while my Wife was out for her usual gym visit and supermarket trip, until the sun decided to shine ever so brightly, obscuring my view of the TV; this was […]