Art Noveau Style Superheroines by Hanie Mohd

by on 12/01/2013

Female superheroes are my…well… heroes. Mostly because I long to be one, but also because I like the fact that my sex is, for the most part, represented well in comics. Let us not argue about the lack of female creators in the industry and how this angers me, this is not the time. Instead let me show you some fan art I stumbled across and loved the look of so much I sought the artist out, only to discover I had already saved one her pieces as inspiration for a dress to wear when my hubbie and I renew our vows, superhero stylee.  An awful lot of fanart represents the fairer sex in an overly erotic light so it is refreshing to see them depicted as beautiful dignified ladies in the style of art noveau.

The artist is Hanie Mohd and she describes herself as an “Artist marooned on the island of Borneo”. Her work can be viewed on DeviantArt, her Blogspot and of course she has a Facebook page