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Basewood: A Work of Art from the Comics Underground

basewood-cvCartoonist Alec Longstreth’s Basewood is the tale of Ben. a young man who wakes up in a strange forest with no memory. Other characters in the story include a fearless young woman named Caren and a hermit named Argus who lives in the forest with his faithful dog. The forest is also home to a fearsome monster, the Wolfdragon.

Basewood was originally featured in Alec’s award winning indie comic Phase 7 and is a labour of love; the 204 pages taking seven years to complete. Drawn in a highly detailed cross-hatching style on oversized 18″x24″ boards. To demonstrate just how long this took Alec shaved his head and beard and then vowed not to cut either until he was finished.

The aim of the Kickstarter is to print the collected Basewood professionally in a format that will give readers the chance to see the painstaking effort, craft and detail put into every frame. This has only previously been available in a French edition.

The Kickstarter has already passed its initial target, anyone wanting to own a genuine piece of indie comics art has eleven days to make their pledge at the Basewood Kickstarter.



Andy Haigh
Andy Haigh
Andy Haigh started writing to counteract the brain atrophying effects of Retail Hell, now it's an addiction. Andy is an unrepentant sequential art absorbist and comics are one of his passions. Other interests include Film, Music, Science Fiction and Horror novels and quality TV like Game of Thrones. He can talk about these at great length if only someone would listen. He lives a somewhat hermit like life in The Shire, spends too much time on social media and is still waiting to go on an adventure.

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