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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Ben Browder joins Arrow

It has been announced that Ben Browder is travelling to Starling City to play DC Comics character Ted Gaynor, who was first introduced in Blackhawk #266 in 1984, and IGN reports that Gaynor will be another comic-to-screen straight transfer and will feature in the seasons 11th episode.  Gaynor is a former soldier who served with Oliver Queen’s bodyguard, Diggle (David Ramsey) in Afghanistan and is currently working for the Blackhawk Squad Protection Group.

This could be a return to glory for Browder, having stared in Farscape and then staring in final two series of Stargate SG1 (including The Arc of Truth and Continuum) in 2008, Browder didn’t appear on our screens until he guessed stared in an episode of Chuck and Doctor Who.  However, hopes are high that he will be given a chance to shine as per his previous performances in Farscape and SG1, as his talent was completely wasted in his episode of Doctor Who on a near-nothing part.  If given the screen time and the character is given a chance to become part of the show, Browder could soon be back on top.

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    • I am currently up to Season 3 of my Blu-Ray Farscape complete Boxset. Then It’s back to the beginning of SG1. This is why God invented DVD players :o) I was a little skeptical when O’Neill was bumped of as the lead, but was glad when they pulled in Browder (although I missed his posh Peacekeeper voice).


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