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Challenge Accepted: A Month of Movies

As I had a month off from university I decided to set myself a challenge: a month of movies.


Every night for the period that I was off university I would watch a film that I had never watched before. I figured that it would be pretty educational… if I was doing film studies, which I’m not but I don’t care, you can’t stop me, I’m doing it anyway, seeing as I can’t drive to Chicago and jump on a float to sing Twist and Shout Ferris Bueller style.

There isn’t a proper list that I’m following and a lot of the movies will probably be chosen spontaneously depending on my mood. There are some movies that I plan to watch as it seems that everyone else in the world has seemed to have seen them except for me, some are recommendations and some are picked because I’d heard of them or seen their name once and am intrigued by them. Not all of the movies will be geeky but I figure planning a month of movies is a pretty geeky thing so why not let you, the great readers of Geek Pride, follow my month? I’ll be posting weekly updates, listing the films I watched in that week with brief reviews on them and any recommendations I have. Like I said, the list isn’t set in stone so any recommendations are much appreciated.

So I guess I should probably say what kind of viewer I am…

I love movies (duh! otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this) and am pretty good at recalling scenes and lines from scripts. I watch pretty much any genre except I don’t watch horrors, I just can’t deal with them. I have an overactive imagination and highly vivid dreams and I can just imagine that the next week or two would be filled with dreams of being chased by clowns with chainsaws or ghosts like Casper or whatever happens in horror films – I’m really not well informed about them. I’m not embarrassed  okay maybe I’m a little bit embarrassed  to say that I can cry easily at a film so I sometimes need to be careful that I don’t cry a flood as I don’t have an ark to save myself with. I can watch pretty much anything else although I can get easily distracted so it takes something very interesting to stop me from pausing the film and procrastinating from watching, which you may not think is possible but it definitely is.  I try to be fair to films but I’m not afraid to rant about them if they disappoint me.

Anyway, that seems to be enough information for you to go on before I embark on my epic cinematic journey through the world of movies with no decided route. Will I make it out alive? Will I take the blue or red pill? Will I make it back from Mount Doom with my gardener? Will I find my way back from Wonderland? Will I [insert reference to a famous movie which details a sort of journey or decision which is epic in proportion and will make you fear for my life while respect my bravery]?

See you for week one’s update and don’t be shy to send any recommendations my way in the comments!

I'm a movie lover of all genres, particularly comic book films, as well as some television shows such as Community. I enjoy fiction writing and blog writing and I sometimes dabble in reviews.

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