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Free-to-Play MMO Dragon Eternity launched on Facebook, iPhone, iPad and Android


Free-to-play developer Insight Studios have just launched a mobile version of their popular browser-based MMO Dragon Eternity for Android devices on the Google Play Store. This follows Facebook, iPhone and iPad releases earlier this week and promises seamless cross-platform support across devices so it’s never been easier for players to pick up and continue their game  during the morning commute.

Dragon Eternity opens up the huge online world of Adan for players to explore and experience as a warrior of one the age-old Empires of Vaalor or Sadar. The humans of Adan face annihilation after a surprise attack from a dragon army has ended a period of relative peace. If the world is to be saved then warriors are needed and an epic journey awaits those who are up to the challenge.

The game features fully customisable weapons and characters as well as combat on both land and sea. Players can also go head to head in online multiplayer battles and use facebook integration to recruit new comrades for their clan and plan their next phase of attack.

Check out the trailer below.


Dragon Eternity is now available free for Web Browsers, Apple iPhone and iPad, Android, and Facebook. 

iPhone/iPad (iTunes App Store):


Android (Google Play):






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