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[Geek Deals] Far Cry 3 currently available for £14.99/1760 Microsoft Points from Xbox Live

Far Cry 3

To  celebrate this week’s release of Far Cry: Blood Dragon on Xbox Live, Ubisoft have sneakily also dropped the price for the full Games on Demand version of Far Cry 3 to just £14.99 or 1760 MSP for an undisclosed limited time only.

Why is the pretty ones who are always crazy?
Why is it always the pretty ones who are crazy?

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to watch your mates get killed before being chased around a remote tropical island by sharks and mentalists then this is the game for you. Luckily our hero Jason has local tribesman on hand who are happy to train him in the ways of the forest through a series of upgrades and challenges.

Couple those with some incredible cinematics, intense vehicle action and online co-op missions and you have a game that should be enough to keep even the most hardened of players going for a few weeks.

Our own Matt Walklate reviewed Far Cry 3 and gave it a solid 8 GPP calling it a “fantastic game that will give you plenty of entertainment for hours to come” so if this one managed to pass you by in the pre-Christmas chaos of last year then there has never been a better time to get involved.

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