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“It Hurts Every Time” in the new trailer for LOGAN.

If there is one fact that superhero movie fans can agree on, it’s that we like to disagree about things. Ledger will be a terrible Joker, Gadot isn’t seven foot tall, Stewart is better than McAvoy…

One thing that seems to be almost universally agreed upon is that bad film (I’m looking at YOU, Origins…) or amazing film, Hugh Jackman IS Wolverine.

Maturing well, with more character in his face than ever, it looks as if Jackman will get to sharpen his claws on some more dramatic moments than before. Rumoured to be borrowing story beats from the Old Man Logan run, the shots of a back covered in thick scars and a body ruined in battle promises us a Wolverine who will enter into each skirmish with a slightly more considered approach than before.

Joining Jackman in Logan is X-Men veteran Sir Patrick Stewart and Sienna Novikov, the latter of which is rumoured to be an interpretation of Wolvey clone X-23.

Logan slices into cinemas on March 3rd 2017, and will almost certainly be the last time we see Jackman in the role. Who could possibly replace him?

Check out the trailer below, and let the discussion commence…


Jamie McKeller is a writer and director who lives behind a desk on the outskirts of York. He eats a lot of soup and drinks more coffee than medically advised. Having spent at least a decade directing theatrical stuff, he had a spark of an idea to attempt making a web series in early 2010. He didn’t have a clue how filmmaking worked. Fast-forward several years, and he’s obsessed. Editing, writing, filming and eating soup with wild abandon. But now he has a beard.

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