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“It Hurts Every Time” in the new trailer for LOGAN.

by redshirtjamieon 20/10/2016
If there is one fact that superhero movie fans can agree on, it’s that we like to disagree about things. Ledger will be a terrible Joker, Gadot isn’t seven foot tall, Stewart is better than McAvoy… One thing that seems to be almost universally agreed upon is that bad film (I’m looking at YOU, Origins…) […]

X-Men: Apocalypse Review

by joshkingofgeekson 22/05/2016
SPOILERS AHEAD!!! “You are no longer students, forget everything your teacher or your mom and dad ever taught you, from now on; you are X-men!” Inspiring words said by Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique; but a pity they come too late in the film to give you any hope for the end credit scene. I’ve been staring at […]

A Chat with Steven E Gordon

by Chrison 27/04/2016
Steven E Gordon is a world renowned artist, animator and Annie Award Nominee. Recently, I had the opportunity to ask him a few quick questions about his animation, the future, and his Annie Award nomination. GP – “I am sure you have been asked this a thousand times before, but what was it that first […]

Storm, Jean Grey and Cyclops Cast for X-Men: Apocalypse

by Callum Tyndallon 23/01/2015
A quick news update on the casting of X-Men: Apocalypse has arrived from director Bryan Singer. It was announced by the director on Twitter that Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones) will be playing Jean Grey, Tye Sheridan (Joe, Mud) will take up the role of Cyclops and Alexandra Shipp (House of Anubis) will finish the new […]

Bryan Singer confirmed to helm X-Men: Apocalypse.

by jesshealy24on 23/09/2014
It might not come as a surprise to some, but it has been officially confirmed that X-Men veteran Bryan Singer will return to direct the mutant’s upcoming outing, X-Men: Apocalypse. Although Singer had previously mentioned even before Days Of Future Past was released that Apocalypse would be next in the works, it seems that Singer […]

Preview: Days of Future Past

by Owen Duncanon 13/09/2013
Surely this is a golden age for fans of big heroes on the big screen. Only recently has the SFX technology and budget for superhero films caught up with the larger-than-life storytelling, curtailed only by the writers imagination and the artists skill. Rewind only a few years and the hardcore Marvel fan could force themselves […]

GEEK PRIDE CAST EPs#8 – Laggy the slow ass reindeer

by Matt Gearyon 13/08/2013
On this week’s cast we introduce the noobs, talk about geeky drinks, the DC villains series, the SCG Kickstarter ‘Cosplayers Unite,’ The geek pride charity calendar and, of course, our new section ‘Show and tell’ All the while our newest caster, and Natalie Portman lookalike, Erin, lags in and out… with humorous consequences.   Please check […]

Superheroes – Who’s the Best of the Best?

by Matt Gearyon 12/08/2013
It would be an understatement to say that as far as superheroes go, there is A LOT of choice for the avid geek. With all sorts of powers at their disposal, where does one start in favouring their super idol? Wonder Woman and her Lasso of Truth maybe? think about it, no one would be […]

Adventure Time With Stacey Rebecca Alternative Model and Cosplayer

by LadyNoctison 05/08/2013 Who is Stacey Rebecca?? [quote] My name is Stacey Rebecca and I’m an alternative model and cosplayer from London, England.  I started cosplaying about a year ago, taking my nerdy costumes to photoshoots etc – and it really took off!  My Mary Jane photos went viral overnight and I was dropped right into […]

Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars Filibuster – Parks and Recreation

by Matt Gearyon 19/04/2013
I havent got a clue what the frick is going on here BUT… I’m totally game for this movie!