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Adventure Time With Stacey Rebecca Alternative Model and Cosplayer



Who is Stacey Rebecca??

My name is Stacey Rebecca and I’m an alternative model and cosplayer from London, England.  I started cosplaying about a year ago, taking my nerdy costumes to photoshoots etc – and it really took off!  My Mary Jane photos went viral overnight and I was dropped right into the international cosplay community.  I love to create powerful images that are true to the source material and evoke an emotional response.  I work a lot with Sexy Cosplay Girls, who I now work with as a member of the team, scouting locations, lending a hand on shoots and interviewing the very best cosplay models.  I’ve recently started my international convention adventure, attending Megacon in Florida and New York Comic Con this autumn.  Cosplay has given me a huge creative outlet, allowed me to make some amazing new friends… And to travel the world!  Here’s to more adventures ^_^[/quote]




1) What brought you into the world of cosplay? Tell us about your first costume, was it a great success, or was it all about trial and error?

Halloween is one of my favourite times of year and I’ve always loved fancy dress parties.  I think it just got to the point where I was frustrated with store bought costumes either not fitting right or not being accurate enough, so I started making adjustments to things.  My first real costume was Psylocke, which I made for a party.  I took it along to a photoshoot for fun and it went down really well – I had no idea cosplay was a ‘thing’ until that moment.  It was very hack and slash, but not terrible for a first attempt.  I brought Psylocke back out for London Anime Con this year and she still held up!

2) How long have you been cosplaying?
I made the Psylocke costume back in August 2011, but it wasn’t until the infamous Mary Jane shoot in July 2012 that I really started classing myself as a cosplayer.
3) What are your current cosplay projects (well, if they aren’t top secret)?
Ha!  I like to keep things on the down low for as long as possible – part of the joy I get from my Facebook page is posting progress photos and getting people to guess what they think I’m making.  I have 2 costumes currently in progress, one is DC and one is from Magic The Gathering.  That’s all I’m saying!  You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled on my page 😉
4) So your most iconic cosplay, within the world of the interwebs, is your recreation of J Scott Cambell’s MJ; which we know I am also a huge fan of.

Can you tell us what went into recreating this Amazing Spiderman cover art?
Honestly, not a lot!  I had followed the debate on the Internet surrounding the cover – people recreating the pose in hilarious ways, complaining that it was unrealistic etc, and I thought that it would be fun to see if it was really possible.  In all honesty, I thought it would be an easy costume to make (I had little to no skills at all at this point) and thought it would be really fun.  It was a really silly shoot, and the whole time I was trying not to laugh because what we were doing was so ridiculous.  I am really lucky the result went down so well!

5) How do you feel about the explosion that has been created across the internet by this image? 
It was all a bit strange at first, I woke up to thousands of notifications and had no idea what was going on.  It was bizarre to me because it was just a bit of fun.  All of a sudden I was being called a ‘cosplayer’ and I was suddenly being critiqued on everything – my costume, my facial expression, my boobs, my weight.  There were some really harsh comments, some really nasty people – and for a few days it really got to me, I didn’t want to leave the house.  But soon enough I realised that was just the nature of the Internet, and got on with things.  I’m a lot more resilient to those kind of attacks now, for sure.
6) Would you say the internet has had a negative effect on the cosplay community? 
The Internet can bring about lots of nastiness from cowards behind computer screens, bitchiness and drama… It’s certainly made it more competitive, I think.  But without it, we would not have a platform to share our work – and get to know each other!  I very much appreciate the fact that people are able to follow my work, and that I’ve been able to chat with some really awesome cosplayers and artists.
7) What is your most favourite character you have cosplayed to date?
Magik, definitely.  She is just so much fun to cosplay – the costume is killer and I feel like a total badass in it.  That’s the magic of cosplay for me!
8) Any character you really want to do, but feel would be too difficult to execute?
I try not to let myself think that way, because I believe that anything is possible if you put your mind to it!  While I am limited by my current skill set, there is always room to learn more and expand my skills.  I would love to learn how to make a Power Ranger helmet and do a female Green Ranger from Mighty Morphin’!
9) Do you make your costumes from scratch, or do you commission them?
My costumes are usually a combination of bought items and pieces from scratch.  I try to make most of it myself but sometimes it’s easier (and cheaper) to buy certain items pre-made and then adjust them / customise if necessary – things like hot pants, or vest tops.  Then you can focus on the details!
10) I’ve seen you working with Worbla recently for your Magik (Uncanny X-Men) cosplay; how did you find it? 
Really fun!  Working with a new material is always tricky but there’s a reason Worbla is described as a ‘friendly’ thermoplastic – it’s super easy to use.  It’s perfect for armour and I’m looking forward to making some more detailed pieces with it.
11) What costume has given you the most grief?
Connor Kenway from Assassin’s Creed 3 was a bit of a nightmare!  I’m still very new to cosplay so often I take on projects that are way out of my comfort zone, but that’s the only way you learn I guess!  Connor definitely taught me to think properly about a costume and make a list of all the various components before you start – it really helps to get an idea of how much work it’s going to be, and what parts you need to start researching first.
12) What conventions will we be seeing you at for the remainder of 2013?
I’ll be attending Cardiff Comic Con for the first time at the end of August with the lovely Masubi, followed by Eurogamer in September which I am super excited about (new consoles, yay!), as well as New York Comic Con in October to meet some of my Stateside fans, and MCM London at the end of October.  After that I plan lots of sleeping!
13) You’re a model as well as a cosplayer, are there any modelling projects lined up?
I have some time off from study over the summer so I’m trying to fit in some fun alt shoots here and there – it’s something that I really enjoy and it’s so much less stressful than a cosplay shoot!  I’m known for being a bit of a nerd, so my alt shoots always end up being slightly nerdy too.  It’s a lot of fun!
14) What’s your advice for people just starting out within the world of cosplay?
Have fun with it.  Don’t be disheartened by not being able to do something.  Google it, look up tutorials on YouTube, practice.  And most of all, do not let other people get you down.  Don’t let other people dictate what you can and can’t cosplay.  Cosplay is about being whoever you want to be, irrespective of age, race or build!
15) You’re a massive Assassin Creed fan, what started this obsession? 
Assassin’s  Creed 2 was the first (and only) game I ever 1000G’d (got all the achievements for).  There was just something about it that I fell into, and I never wanted to stop playing.  The series is just so brilliant, I’m a total sucker for it.  I cannot WAIT for AC4.  Edward Kenway could potentially be as charismatic and swoon-worthy as Ezio.  Get in.
I am Lady Noctis *waves* a small vertically challenged lady with a big heart, a penchant for comic books, and a small obsession with a character known as Harley Quinn I'm a part-time model, freelance illustrator, full-time geek and cosplayer. "I'm just another dreamer running around in a cape playing superheroes… ok, truth. I'm an aspiring illustrator who also likes to play dress up."

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