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Last-Minute Low-Budget Halloween Costumes

Halloween is HOW MANY days away? EEEEEK! And I don’t even have a costume! So many parties and not one costume, OH THE HUMANITY!

Sound familiar? Need to put a costume together in less than a week and with next to no money? Panic not, geeklings, I have some ideas…



The Endless

Not all of the Endless at once, that would be silly- and maybe not Despair unless you have access to a grey sumo suit and a pair of fangs. The others, however, are surprisingly simple to do: Death just needs you to goth up and add an ankh (top hat optional), Delirium works if you just throw everything odd you own n together (and have crazy hair of course) and Desire can work for the more androgynous among you, who just need to don a snappy suit. The gentlemen have options too, in this: Destiny is simply a grey cloak and a bigass book, Dream is a black cloak (or anything black, really) and messy black hair, and Destruction works if you tuck a shirt into plain trousers and carry a bindle stick.


Doctor and Companion

For the geek couples out there, this is a tried-and-true costume. Gents can channel the doctor of their choice, whether it be Four’s infamous scarf or Ten’s suit and converse combo, and ladies can chav it up for Rose or sass it up for River. If you happen to have a sexy policewoman costume and a Roman centurion outfit already, you can go as Doctor Who’s ultimate power couple, the Ponds.



Plain-Clothes Heroes

In my research for this article (and by “research” I mean “bimbling about on the internet”) I have discovered a surprising amount of heroes who wear things that you’d find in your average wardrobe. Take Emma Frost- white underwear, white boots, white cape, sorted. John Constantine? Try a suit that’s seen better days under a grubby overcoat with a cigarette permanently in your mouth. Even superheroes with big and complex costumes have distinctive looks even when out of costume- Clark Kent’s blue suit and glasses, anyone?



Superhero WAGs

Gwen Stacy, MJ Watson, Lois Lane… they all have distinctive looks that are easy to copy for Halloween. Gwen’s got her blue dress and headband combo (which can also double up as an Alice in Wonderland costume), MJ has the torn jeans and Spider-Man T-shirt (accessorised with a mug of coffee and a ridiculous pose) and Lois Lane has the suit and dictaphone thing going on- but maybe print off a press pass with her name on it so people know for sure. This one doesn’t really have a male counterpart, unless you have a military uniform about the house and want to go as Steve Trevor.




Suits for the guys, in varying degrees of coolness depending on who is Archer and who drew the short straw and has to be Cyril- and a lab coat for Dr Krieger, of course! For the ladies, just a jumper, skirt and brooch or pearls will do, with a donut for Pam and a pot of glue for Cheryl.



Arthur Dent

Pyjamas, dressing gown- and don’t forget the towel!


Laura Maier
Laura Maier
At the time of character creation, Laura Maier made the mistake of putting all her points in charm. While this was probably an unwise decision, it's served her well so far. Her power animal is the platypus.

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