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Play Pac-Man As An FPS

Have you ever wanted to play the cult classic Pac-Man as a different game type? How about as a First Person Shooter? Well you don’t have to dream about it anymore – it’s become a reality.

PacmanI have to say – that reality is also surprisingly creepy. I give you FPS-Man, created by briderider aka Tom Davies.

If you’re interested in this new vision of Midway’s classic 1980 munch-a-thon, you’ll need to head over to Kongregate, and get the Unity Web Player installed (if you haven’t already – it’s free and is pretty quick).

Eerie much?
Eerie much?

I had to laugh when the tags for the game were 3D, Arcade, Maze, Atmospheric and Horror… but after playing it, you can see why. The music helps to add to the creepiness, and when you start heading for a corner and you see a red glow intensifying, it develops a bit of an Alien vibe as leg it as fast as possible! 

You use the WASD or Cursor keys for movement, and your mouse to look around… so don’t try and play this on a laptop with a touchpad or you’ll last about 10 seconds.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

James Buckingham
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