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Battlefield 1 – Biplanes, Tanks and Zeppelins, oh my!

by Mark Cantyon 06/05/2016
And so, the cat is out of the bag. the new Battlefield game is Battlefield 1 - Set in World War 1! Biplanes, Triplanes, Tanks and artillery. Trench Warfare, Battleships, and horseback charges in the desert! Can you wait?

Infinite Warfare Trailer Drops

by Callum Tyndallon 02/05/2016
Admittedly it’s been a while since I last owned a Call of Duty game (I think Ghosts may have been the last one I actually bought). But apparently, since I last looked, the series lost its goddamn mind. The first real trailer for Infinity Ward’s newest offering, Infinite Warfare, has just dropped and it’s hard to wrap words around […]

Wondershot drops on PS4, Xbox One and Steam

by James Buckinghamon 01/03/2016
France-based indie game developer Leikir Studio have released their new multiplayer-based shooter, Wondershot on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC (via Steam), guaranteeing fun and frolics for all! Winner of multiple indie awards including Indie Prize’s Best Multiplayer Game 2016, Wondershot is a top-down, multiplayer-focused game with a strong emphasis on family-friendly party play. Players will […]

Halo 5 Cinematic trailers

by Matt Gearyon 24/09/2015
Here is the newest Halo 5 Cinematic Trailer, showing Master Chief and his blue team, all of whom have taken a page from the moody heroes book of awesome and kept their helmets on. Unlike Spartan Locke, and his team, who are all sans helmet. Not long now, just over one month! What are you […]

Destructive Creations Announce Hatred, but who is the Target?

by David Roseon 17/10/2014
Experienced Polish indie developer Destructive Creations announced today the reveal of their debut game Hatred, a brutal, uncompromising isometric shooter where the goal is to kill everyone, and “take no prisoners”. Powered as much by controversy as the fourth iteration of the Unreal Engine, and sporting a somewhat familiar logo style, Hatred has the player […]

Destiny – Xbox One -Video / Written review

by Matt Gearyon 21/09/2014
Destiny is a game that has jumped into bed with Halo, found that Boarderlands is already there and then invited Gears of War and Mass effect for a good old romp... sadly it doesnt quite satisfy any of the participating memebers ( Memebers... tehe)

Destiny Beta is coming in July 2014

by James Woodheadon 08/05/2014
    Destiny is a post apocalyptic first-person shooter in which Guardians, the front line fighters and last line of defence defending the last human city on Earth, eagerly awaited by gamers from the creators of Halo, Activition and Bungie. Bungie announced over twitter yesterday that Destiny will be opening it’s Beta in July, giving […]

Power Up

by James Buckinghamon 20/09/2013
It’s been a long time since I was challenged by a shooter game, be it a horizontal or vertically-scrolling title… and I can count on one hand the games that I kept going back to; Hellfire, R-Type and Ikaruga. Now I have one more title to add to this list – Power Up. New to […]

Play Pac-Man As An FPS

by James Buckinghamon 02/07/2013
Have you ever wanted to play the cult classic Pac-Man as a different game type? How about as a First Person Shooter? Well you don’t have to dream about it anymore – it’s become a reality. I have to say – that reality is also surprisingly creepy. I give you FPS-Man, created by briderider aka Tom Davies. […]

New Wolfenstein Game Due Later This Year

by James Buckinghamon 07/05/2013
Bethesda have announced that the FPS classic Wolfenstein is set to return later this year in a new game titled “Wolfenstein: The New Order“. Gamespot announced the news this morning, with a shiny new trailer to go with it. Developed by Swedish studio MachineGames, The New Order is set in 1960, in an alternate history […]