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Plantera Steam Review Geek Pride

Plantera is a small click based farming simulator where you progress through the game in order to unlock new things to decorate your farm with.

You start off with the basics planting carrots and pretty soon you are planting trees and fending off birds with scare crows. As you progress you are rewarded with gold to spend on either more foliage or upgrades to auto collect whilst your away or to increase the amount of gold you collect for each gathering.

The game throws wildlife after you in an attempt to hinder your progress as they steal your food.

The game is very small and whilst it was fun while it lasted it got old after about 30 minutes. It seems much better suited to a mobile platform as there really wasn’t a great deal to keep me engage once I surpassed level 10.

I would give this title a 2/10, not because I didn’t enjoy it but because there really isn’t a great deal of content for the price.

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