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The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Review – Geek Pride

by jollinson 09/01/2017
Be warned that this article contains minor spoilers. I’m not amateur when it comes to the walking dead. I have seen just about all there is to see so far and played every game based on the series I have come across, not to mention spending many nights reading the comics so naturally I was […]
playstation now on pc

PlayStation NOW is coming to PC

by jollinson 27/08/2016
PlayStation NOW has been around for a while now and if you have not heard of it, no one would blame you. It’s the poorly advertised streaming service that is available for the PS4 allowing you to play from a huge library of PS3 titles if you are willing to fork over a monthly subscription […]

Lego® Avengers Review – Geek Pride

by jollinson 02/07/2016
I’m no stranger when it comes to Lego® video games. I was first in line for the original Lego® Star Wars on the ps2 in 2005. I even sent in a video tape in of me glitch hunting to the OPS2 magazine and got myself on the dvd and a free copy of a game. […]

Is Fair Use Abuse a Thing of the Past?

by jollinson 30/05/2016
I’m sure that most of you who spend a lot of time on YouTube and follow one or more of the top guns are aware there is a huge problem with fair use abuse. Often people are known for exploiting the law to their advantage in order to monetise another person’s video for merely mentioning […]

Plantera Steam Review Geek Pride

by jollinson 16/05/2016
Plantera is a small click based farming simulator where you progress through the game in order to unlock new things to decorate your farm with. You start off with the basics planting carrots and pretty soon you are planting trees and fending off birds with scare crows. As you progress you are rewarded with gold […]

Battleborn Review

by jollinson 05/05/2016
Battleborn is the latest first person shooter to come out of Gearbox, The studio behind the Borderlands series. I say first person shooter but perhaps that’s not an accurate description as many of the heroes you will see in the game are perfectly happy bringing a sword to a gun fight! Or a stick… or a rocket launcher. Essentially there is no rules for combat when the last star in the universe is at steak!

Seraph PC Game Review

by jollinson 01/05/2016
Seraph is a classic style arcade shooter where you are tasked with the job of cleaning up an invading horde of demons as they tear their way through the prison structure you have been held captive in. The idea behind the game is simple with the game auto-locking onto enemies as they come into range […]

Final Fantasy IX HD Remaster on PC – First Thoughts

by jollinson 18/04/2016
We review the latest HD remaster from Square, Final Fantasy IX (9). Final Fantasy IX is the latest in the series to get a shiny new coat of paint and we spare no time in exploring what the game has to offer. New models and higher resolution textures along with up scaled background give this […]

Upwards Lonely Robot Geek Pride Review

by jollinson 18/04/2016
We review Upwards, Lonely Robot for the PC. Upwards, Lonely Robot is a tower climber where you, the lonely robot, are tasked with getting as high as you can whist dodging enemies and avoiding falling to your death. You must also work to collect as much juice as you can before your “reserves” run out. […]

Glitchrunners Geek Pride Game Review

by jollinson 18/04/2016
We Review Glitchrunners. Glitchrunners is a party LAN game where one player dubbed the “architect” is set the task of impeding the progress of other players as they travel through the levels collecting points and trying to “one up” each other. Our Team put together a video review;