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SCG: Project Cosplayers Unite


Sexy Cosplay Girls (SCG) is a passionate creative team of bloggers, photographers, videographers and programmers all joining forces to do their part within the cosplay community and attempting to bring together Cosplayers from all over the world within their newest endeavour …

Project: Cosplayers Unite!!

They want to cross frontiers and bring together 17 cosplayers to produce a unique 18 month calendar via a multi-media cosplay experience. In addition to this they are also producing content for the launch of an SCG Online Magazine, which will be available via the web and mobile; and you will not have to part with any coin to receive this!

Furthermore, they intend to bring all 17 cosplayers to London MCM Comic Con in October; thus uniting cosplayers from all over the globe together within the cosplay community.

However, in order for this to happen they need our help!!

They have started a KickStarter to help raise the funds to make this project happen; but without us… it’s not possible. So if you’d like to see this happen, then do your part, and make pledge to Project: Cosplay Unite.

Now since the launch of this project, many have asked “Why 17 female cosplayers, why not throw some male cosplayers into the mix?”  well the reason for this is because Sexy Cosplay Girls don’t want to step on the toes of another KickStater project by Men vs Cosplay’s 2014 Calender; which personally gives me more respect to SGC and their attempt to unite the cosplay community. There have also been statements such as, “Men cosplay too you know, it’s not just women!” for those of you who feel this way inclined, I’d like to point you towards the previous KickStarter I mentioned by Men Vs Cosplay, and Sexy Cosplay Girls sister site.. Sexy Cosplay Guys!

So, those of you who’d like to see this incredible ambitious project become a reality, then take a moment of your time, and go over to their KickStarter Page, every little bit helps.

I am Lady Noctis *waves* a small vertically challenged lady with a big heart, a penchant for comic books, and a small obsession with a character known as Harley Quinn I'm a part-time model, freelance illustrator, full-time geek and cosplayer. "I'm just another dreamer running around in a cape playing superheroes… ok, truth. I'm an aspiring illustrator who also likes to play dress up."

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