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Five Games That Should get the Remastering Treatment

by Lauren Crofton 04/03/2016
Recently it seems like an influx lot of games are getting the remastering treatment for new generation consoles, some of them which personally I think are not necessary and some which I’m really looking forward to. I’ve quickly put together a list of completely different titles that I think would also benefit from a remastering, more […]

Dead Rising: Watchtower (Movie)

by MrCraiggyon 13/07/2015
Hi everyone! Craig here again and I thought I’d tell you a little bit more about myself. So, I work in an office when I’m not writing, and it can get pretty stressful. Now what’s the best way to get rid of your daily stresses? Well for me, I like to get home, make a fresh pot […]

Fish playing Street Fighter is now a thing

by Nick Hancheton 20/08/2014
Ever wanted to watch a Fish hadouken? Well, now you can… Kind of. In the recent trend of watching fish play games, started by Fish Plays Pokémon, the latest game to continue this is Fish Plays Street Fighter. Yeah, really. It sounds absolutely ridiculous but, even though I’m not the biggest Street Fighter fan out […]

Insert Coin Clothing – To help gamers look great… and get their geek on!

by LadyNoctison 07/02/2014
Insert Coin is a leading name in gaming attire; they produce tees, hoodies and leggings inspired by the world of videogames. Their products allow people of the gaming community to wear their fandoms with cool and subtle references – which instantly lets fellow geeks and gamers know what your interests are ( and of course […]

Hadouken Cabs Ad Hints At Next Gen Street Fighter?

by James Buckinghamon 10/11/2013
A viral ad for fictional cab company “Hadouken Cabs” has been making the rounds on the interwebs this week, and I totally wish it was real! What appears to be a cheesy Street Fighter spoof ad is actually a more subversive PS4 advert. You can view the ad below in all it’s glory, complete with […]

Super Puzzle Figher 2 Turbo HD Remix Review

by Stephen Breweron 01/07/2013
This game might have come to the Playstation network/XBLA several years ago now, however it has only just been brought to this writers attention. It will never be a smash hit of a game, it won't turn heads like The Last of Us or Remember Me but it's still extremely fun, and when it all boils down to it, that's what makes a good game.

Dungeons and Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara Review – 9 GPPs

by Phil_Matthewson 30/06/2013
D&D: Chronicles of Mystara is a downloadable HD console release of  two arcade games created by Capcom, based on the Dungeons & Dragons tabletop role-playing game and set in the Mystara campaign setting Tower of Doom (originally released in 1993) and Shadows Over Mystara (1997). At first glance this appears to be a rip-off of the Golden Axe games, and I can’t […]

Games You Should Play: Ōkami HD

by James Buckinghamon 29/06/2013
If there’s one mode of storytelling I love more than any other, it’s myth & legend. It’s why I enjoy movies like Clash of the Titans and Percy Jackson, and why I gravitate towards games like the God of War series. However when it comes to Japanese mythology, I know literally nothing… and this is […]

Nostalgia: Breath of Fire III – 9GPPs

by Andrew Corbanon 13/06/2013
Memory Lane has Fairies and Dragons! Straight to the point: What an RPG! This is one of the classics of the Playstation and if you missed it, get it now and play through it (Especially with emulators being so easy to come by). You won’t have wasted your time. Capcom did a great job here. […]


by Andy Haighon 11/06/2013
Neo-Paris 2084, the Memorize Corporation has created the Sensation Engine or ‘Sensen’ for short, a cybernetic implant that enables users to upload, buy, and sell memories on the net. This has given the Memorize Corporation control over a high percentage of the population. Fighting against the oppressive regime of Memorize are the Errorists.  Remember Me has you taking […]