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Isometrics: Facebook, Virtual Insanity, Hyperreality and the Oculous Ideological Rift

by David Roseon 15/04/2014
The news of Facebook buying Oculus VR has led to a massive storm of controversy. Isometrics looks at the history of VR and asks what it is that is so powerful about the concept… Welcome to Isometrics, the Visually Radient cybercolumn about the literary world of computer and video games, and this week we dust off […]

Isometrics: Video Game Self-Censorship, South Park and the Danger of Self-Aware Precedents

by David Roseon 27/03/2014
South Park: The Stick of Truth’s bizarre European edits has brought the issue of video game censorship right back into the limelight. Isometrics goes down to take a look at the damage… Welcome to Isometrics, the [REDACTED] of the [REDACTED] world of computer and video [REDACTED]s. Another apology is due( I suspect) for discussing something […]

Isometrics: King, Candy Crush Melodrama and the Need for Control of the Free to Play Market

by David Roseon 06/03/2014
Is it right to trademark basic words? Isometrics looks at the case of King’s Candy Crush Lawsuit, and contemplates the death of satire… Welcome to Isometrics, the usually serendipitous soirée that looks at the literary world of computer and video games. Now one of the things I noted in my statement of principles is that […]

Isometrics Present: WARP Month: Enemy Zero, the Invisible, the Inhuman and the Irreplacable

by David Roseon 18/02/2014
Enemy Zero: More than an FMV-laden publicity stunt? Isometrics tackles invisible aliens, sweeping space soap opera and Michael Nyman in order to find out what’s what…   Welcome to Isometrics, the hyperWARPed historical look at the literary world of video games. WARP month continues with Enemy Zero, a very divisive game from the ever divisive […]

Isometrics: WARP Month: D, the Internal and the Metafictional worlds of Kenji Eno

by David Roseon 12/02/2014
D: is it a morass of contradictions? Is it a game or an interactive movie? Does it have merit at all today or is it nothing more than two hours of bad FMV? Isometrics takes a trip into the mindscape of Kenji Eno’s D… Welcome to Isometrics, a distinctly more WARPed look at the literary world […]

Isometrics: What Is Literary Gaming Anyway?

by David Roseon 29/01/2014
After trying to get around to it for so long, It is time to actually explain what on earth it means to be “literary” about gaming… Welcome to Isometrics, a magnanimous meta-commentary on the synapse-sparking literary world of computer and video games. For the last month and a half I have been doing these Isometrics […]

Isometrics: Twitterfall, Authorship and the Double Edged Power of the Fan Response

by David Roseon 22/01/2014
So Titanfall has opted for a 12-player cap for its multiplayer, which has players up in arms before the game is even complete. Are they right? Isometrics takes a look at the strange power of the crowd response throughout the ages.   Welcome to Isometrics, a gilded gaze at the somewhat larval literary world of […]

Isometrics: Video Games: Influence or Influencer?

by David Roseon 15/01/2014
  Once again violence and the corrupting influence of video games has formed a mild moral panic. But in the odd relationship between game and player, who’s really in charge? Isometrics investigates…     Welcome to Isometrics, a canted canter through the crisp crunch of that literary side of gaming. This time, it’s time to […]

Isometrics: Ride to Hell: Retribution and the bizarre appeal of the giftedly bad

by David Roseon 08/01/2014
Welcome to Isometrics, a sweeping sibilant stare at the literary world of gaming, although it may take a little time to justify it’s ‘literary’ qualities, simply because I’m talking the worst game in recent memory and what is commonly described as one of the worst games of all time: Ride to Hell Retribution. It is […]

An Isometric New Year: Five Resolutions For The Gaming Industry

by David Roseon 02/01/2014
Happy Holidays and welcome to Isometrics, a slanted stare at the literary gaming world. It must go without saying that 2013 was a massive massive year for gaming, a veritable watershed for the previous generation, filled with a mix of great controversy and conflict but also new ways to create, play and interact with the […]