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Pitch, Please! – Episode 1: Man of Steel 2

by Matt Gearyon 23/05/2017
Welcome to Pitch, Please!, our weekly podcast in which a fistful of geeks get together to discuss their ideas for the next big thing. Come join us and listen to our terrible, awesome, possibly slanderous pitches for all manner of geeky TV shows and movies. This week… In the inaugural episode, our intrepid heroes don […]

Superman to wear the Black Suit in Justice league?

by Matt Gearyon 16/08/2016
Henry Cavil has recently shared a close up of his Superman suit on Facebook. The only difference, its black! Now for many this may be slightly perplexing, is he turning bad? Where has the black suit come from? What is it for? Well as is the case in such times of uncertainty, we can only […]

Nobody’s more surprised than me at the new trailer for Dawn of Justice

by Andy Haighon 12/07/2015
Truth be told I’ve never really been that big a Superman fan, I’ve never picked up any of the numerous books featuring the character myself although I have read several that others have got. My introduction to Superman, like many people of my generation I suppose, was at an early age via the films featuring […]

First Look at Superman for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

by Becca Harperon 03/07/2014
Today Warner Bros. have released the first picture of Henry Cavill’s Superman for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. This follows on from the release of this, the first picture Henry Cavill as Clark Kent, just three days ago. This time we get the Man of Steel in his full on super suit, and there is not much […]

Jason Momoa Cast as Aquaman – Rumours Hint at Official Announcement Coming Soon

by Becca Harperon 15/06/2014
Over the last couple of days the internet has been flooded with rumours that DC Comics/Warner Bros. are about to confirm Jason Momoa is to play Aquaman on Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and in the following Justice League film. The source of the latest round of rumours is HitFix, who have gone on to […]

Superman takes on Goku in the latest Epic Rap Battle

by Chris Batemanon 19/05/2014
We here at Geek Pride love the videos that the guys over at Epic Rap Battles of History pump out, particularly when they pit our favourite fandoms against one another. After last week’s amazing clash between Walter White and Rick Grimes, this week they’ve gone for the daddy of all ultimate geek battles – Goku […]

New Trailer for Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’ Warps In!

by Chris Batemanon 18/05/2014
Moviegoers who have gone to see Godzilla this week may have been lucky enough to catch the new trailer for upcoming sci-fi film Interstellar, directed by Christopher Nolan, best known for The Dark Knight trilogy, Inception, and for producing Man of Steel. Fortunately, Warner Bros. have now put the trailer up for everyone to see, […]

Big Batman VS Superman Casting News!

by Michael Doddon 31/01/2014
Heisenberg is out, Eisenberg is in! That’s right Jesse Eisenberg has been cast as Lex Luthor in the upcoming Batman VS Superman from Warner Bros. This puts months of speculation to an end but now opens up the floor for debate about how the Oscar-nominated Social Network star will do in a role quite unlike any he has ever […]

Ben Affleck Responds to Batman Criticism

by Hani Fearonon 17/09/2013
Since it was announced that Ben Affleck had been cast as Batman in Zack Snyder’s upcoming sequel to Man of Steel, the decision has received a huge amount of criticism. Well, in an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Affleck finally gave a response to taking on the role and the internet backlash.  41-year old Affleck remarked […]

Snyder Defends the Big Blue Boy Scout

by The_Dark_Mikeon 30/08/2013
On your knees bitches, let worship commence Just like the time we thought Nolan had ruined Catwoman ( “I would” – red blooded male)  it is time to bend the knee and realise , like we did with those surprise-goggle ears, that the geniuses are just that- geniuses. Now I’m not saying Man of Steel […]