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Marvel’s Loki and Sylvie Helmet Replica Set

by Laura Bensonon 03/01/2022
After constant delays, the Loki and Sylvie Helmet Replica Set deom Zavvi has finally shipped and is arriving in homes as we speak. Is this a must have or a hard pass? Read on to see our thoughts Special Features Sylvie and Loki helmet replica set Inspired by the Loki Disney+ TV series Exclusive to […]

WIN this Signed Star Trek, Universal Remote Control, Phaser by The Wand Company

by trekkiemarkon 16/10/2016
To celebrate 50 Years of Star Trek, Geek Pride along with The Wand Company are giving you the chance to win this amazing prize, The Classic Star Trek Phaser Universal Remote Control with it’s display case SIGNED by none other than William Shatner aka Captain James T Kirk. This unique item is a fully functioning […]

Product Review – Star Trek Classic Bluetooth Communicator by The Wand Company

by trekkiemarkon 12/10/2016
There are few television shows that fire the imagination like Star Trek. Ever since it was aired 50 years ago Trek has inspired engineers and scientists the world over with its innovative visions of the future. Whilst warp drive and teleportation are still in the realms of Science Fiction some of the predicted 23rd Century […]

Xcoser Doctor Strange “Eye of Agamotto” Necklace review

by joshkingofgeekson 01/09/2016
To say I’ve never reviewed a piece of cosplay jewelry before would be the god’s honest truth, actually, never even thought about it before. Until that is, a certain up and coming blockbuster started to produce some brilliant replicas from experienced sources and respectable shops online. Doctor Strange is due for release later this year, […]

Chainsword Prop build part 2: Painting and detailing

by Leonieon 27/08/2013
Firstly I would like to apologise for the delay. I hit a few glitches over the past couple of week of both physical and mental kind. I am fairly new to this whole cosplay malarkey so I am learning as I go along. I am learning that you should get plenty of all the materials […]

Chainsword prop build for Sisters of Battle Cosplay: Part 1

by Leonieon 07/08/2013
 Sister of Battle Cosplay So today I decided it was about time I started work on my Sister of Battle cosplay. This is a long term project I took upon myself  after seeing a lot of art work of the Sister’s of Battle from the Warhammer universe and as I have never worked with armor […]

Critikal Hit Oberkil!

by Leonieon 30/04/2013
Okay, so I have been promising the Big Cheeses at Geek Pride that I would write this blog! So, finally, here it is. My Borderlands 2 inspired gun. Before I start, for you geeky people who demand exact replicas, this is a piece of art rather than a replica gun. It is not meant to be […]