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Hasbro release ALL the cute with their new Mandalorian toys

by Matt Gearyon 20/02/2020
So we just got a news blast from our friends at Hasbro and it looks like we have some very cool Mandalorian, and more specific, “the Child” related toys / collectables incoming! Seriously the Animatronic Baby Yoda…. its all about the Animatronicbaby Yoda! For all the cool and allllll the cute, check out the press […]

MCM Manchester 2018 Pictures and Podcast

by Matt Gearyon 09/08/2018
We had a great time at MCM Manchester this year and despite a few technical issues and no shows, we managed to get a few pictures of the event and do a pretty damn good podcast! Next in the series, is MCM Comic Con Scotland at the SEC Glasgow on 22-23 September and then MCM […]

The Most Expensive Items on eBay by Fandom (as of 14.11.16)

by trekkiemarkon 14/11/2016
The Christmas season is now upon us. By now you’ve seen the new John Lewis Ad, that Coca Cola Truck has pulled into your town and the posters for the local panto have started going up. And what a better time for you to get your loved one a unique and amazing present. Choosing a […]

I hate Funko POP!Vinyl toys. Here’s why

by trekkiemarkon 18/02/2016
You’ve seen them, maybe you have a few of them yourself, but lets face it – you can’t escape from The Funko POP!Vinyl phenomenon. Cute super deformed Japanese “chibi” style take on your favourite superhero / movie / tv / comic book characters and I have to admit first time I saw them I thought […]

Mattell Announce the New 3d VR Viewmaster

by GuruMelon 14/02/2015
Geek Pride are ahead of the game! Last month we told you about the fabulous potential of Google Cardboard: cheap and cheerful virtual reality for the masses. In fact, I described it as “half old school Viewfinder, half poor-mans’ Oculus Rift, and completely awesome!” Well today Mattel have announced the launch of their new product, […]

The Best Toy Santa Didn’t Bring You – Google Cardboard

by GuruMelon 09/01/2015
This should have been the biggest toy this Christmas, and I’m amazed that anyone doesn’t own one yet, but then, even if you have heard of Google Cardboard it sounds so ridiculous that most people just think it’s not going to be any good. Cardboard is a DIY folding cardboard smartphone mount allowing you to […]

Matt Reviews SpruKits by Bandai

by Matt Gearyon 29/11/2014
There was a bit of a delay on this one due to be having 99 problems and my computer’s CPU being one but here it is, my review of Sprukits by Bandai.


by Matt Gearyon 12/11/2014
We were lucky enough to get a Loot Monster box through the door… Matt opens it up and sees what awesome geekiness is inside! Make sure to check out their website here: Like them on Facebook here: and follow them on Twitter:


by Matt Gearyon 16/10/2014
In this weeks GPQT, Matt talks to, two of the finest Youtubers this Country has produced; Sneaky Zebra. Subscribe to Sneaky Zebras channel here:      

LOOTMONSTER – the only way to get ALLLLL the Geek things

by Matt Gearyon 05/09/2014 There isn’t much to say about Lootmonster other than; look at all the perdy things! Annnnnd, if that isn’t geektastic enough, ALL Geek Pride followers get a 10% discount by using the code: geekpride. But Matt, I’ve had boxes like this before and its all cheap tat. Well rest assured my geeky comrades, this stuff is 100% […]