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Dave’s Cultamania: Pro Wrestling and the Movie Industry

by Dave Foyon 19/10/2016
So you may well be thinking to yourself “why the hell is an article about ‘wrestling’ appearing on Geek-Pride?!”  Well, as we rapidly approach the last major professional wrestling event of the year (WWE Survivor Series), I thought it would be an ideal time to drop some sort of article regarding something that has been […]

Ex-WWE Wrestler CM Punk Joins Marvel as Writer

by Stephen Breweron 13/11/2014
Ex-WWE Wrestler CM Punk (Real name: Phil Brooks) has traded in spandex for a pen as he joins up with Marvel as a writer for February’s Thor Annual #1. Phil Brooks may have been the best in the world as a WWE Superstar but now he’s teaming up with artist Rob Guillory in an attempt to […]

WWE’s heartbreaking tribute to Connor The Crusher

by Craig Humpageon 18/05/2014
It’s now been a week since this video was published on YouTube. It has now amassed over 2 million views, or at least that’s the video I saw. It’s been re-uploaded by many parties, and this version that I have posted here was published by an account named “WWE GC” – it’s the only video […]

WWE: Extreme Rules hits a home run once again!

by Craig Humpageon 06/05/2014
WWE Extreme Rules 2014 East Rutherford, NJ – 04/05/14 Extreme Rules has been one of the highlights of the WWE calendar over the last several years. Regardless of the card, it always tends to be a brilliant show. Even in the PG era – which tends to make most stipulation matches seem obsolete – this […]

Fan Art Feature – The Hurricane

by GuruMelon 28/03/2014
Stand back – there’s a hurricane comin’ through! Combining two of my geeky pleasures, wrestling and superheroes, this weeks fan art feature is Hurricane Helms! Shane Helms played this role in WWE from 2001 and still performs as The Hurricane on the independent circuit. The character was a fan favourite and was based on Helms […]

WWE: An Early Bird preview of Wrestlemania

by Craig Humpageon 18/03/2014
So the whole card may not yet be announced, but the main event matches are all there. This year’s Wrestlemania looks set to be possibly the best of all time. Despite having been disgruntled for many months, most wrestling fans are now eagerly anticipating the 30th anniversary of the Showcase of the Immortals, and there […]

WWE: Network launch coincides with entertaining but predictable Elimination Chamber PPV

by Craig Humpageon 26/02/2014
WWE Elimination Chamber Minneapolis, MN – 23/02/14 With the historic launch of the WWE Network right around the corner, the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view was designed to convince us to buy it – those of us living in the States that is. Having had time to reflect on the show, I would say it was very […]

WWE: Could there be hope for Smackdown yet?

by Craig Humpageon 17/02/2014
WWE SMACKDOWN 14/02/14 ONTARIO, CA In recent years, WWE Smackdown has been considered a second rate show by many wrestling fans. The company do a good job of making it appear minor league in comparison to the flagship show Raw. That is why the latest episode shocked myself and a lot of other people. We […]

WWE: Royal Rumble 2014 Leaves Wrestling Fans In A Furious Frenzy

by Craig Humpageon 27/01/2014
As the dust settles on a rather controversial edition of the Royal Rumble, the inquisition can now begin, as wrestling geeks around the world try to piece together the implications of last night’s events. The quality of the action was above average and actually pretty damn great at times. Most of the complaints circulating among […]

WWE 2K14 Review

by David Roseon 09/11/2013
It’s that time of year again. Another year, another yearly instalment in the series of grapplers based on Vince McMahon’s ever-popular pro wrestling monopoly. However in the run up to this year’s game a few potentially interesting things have changed. THQ are now out of the picture, going bankrupt last year, and now 2K Games, […]