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The cost of being Hulk – 1962 & 2013 [Infographic]

It would seem for the most part being a superhero can be costly, in the USA you have to pay for the medical attention you receive not to mention the cost of insurance for the damage you do whilst saving the city. I know seems unfair but someone has to pay.

If you are Tony Stark then it isn’t an issue, but what about poor old Bruce Banner? His education didn’t come free and with him being constantly on the run and having to pay for those clothes that keep getting all torn up, the cost quickly adds up. So here is a visual look at the cost of being the Hulk in 1962 compared to the now.


SOURCE [Mashable and Bob Al-Greene]

Becca Harper
Becca Harperhttp://geekparenting.tumblr.com/
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