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Feminism, Fantasy and Cosplay

Feminism, Fantasy and Cosplay

Sexy cosplay, battle lingerie and the rush to be offended


While I don’t think it’s that important, for the sake of completeness, I, the author, have a background in media analysis through feminist, Marxist and psychoanalytic methods, though I do not completely agree with any of them. I am male-bodied and genderqueer-minded; I have experienced violence, hatred and unwanted sexual advances from both sexes. The views herein are my own, and shouldn’t be understood to be those of Geek Pride itself as it is an apolitical, chaotic assortment of authors united only in their love of geekdom.

This article expresses some opinions that will hopefully stir up some debate, help people consider different viewpoints and prompt some heretical thought. I like cosplay. I like sexy artwork. On a fundamental, biological, natural level, I enjoy looking at human bodies and I like mine looked at with a similar appreciation. I also think all people should be allowed to dress as they wish so long as they’re not endangering anyone, and shouldn’t be made to feel inferior because they are/are not dressed in a sexy, visually arresting manner. People shouldn’t be the subjects of contempt, violence or mistreatment for dressing in a sexualised manner; frankly, society should learn to get that stick out of its collective bum.

Model: Lady Noctis

Photographer: Kitty Kemsphotography Radford

I was born very early in my life and now live on a diet of scorn and sarcasm. Follow me @ryezuul

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