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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

The Sentinels Unveiled By Bryan Singer

Remember the opening scene of X-Men: Last Stand which involved a Sentinel at the beginning, and initially gave you the impression that the movie was going to be awesome? Well prepare for that feeling again, though without the spirit-crushing disappointment to follow (hopefully).

Bryan Singer has been Tweeting from the Days Of Future Past set again, and he’s officially lifted the lid on Trask Industries‘ baby – the Sentinel. This time we get to see the whole thing, and not just the head!

Check out the picture below:

Bryan Singer & A SentinelWhat do you think of the new design? Previously we were only privy to the design of the Sentinel’s head, but how do you think it compares to the design from X3?

The new design
The new design

The old X3 design
The old X3 design

Sentinels in the comics
Sentinels in the comics

If I’m honest, I think the X3 design is probably more accurate when you compare them to the comics, but I kind of like the semi transparent feel to it. Our fearless leader Matt chipped in on Facebook stating “looks like a dyson..”, and I agree a little – it’s the vent on the chest that does it, but then it’s probably how the behemoth manages flight.

Let us know what you think! 

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