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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Resident Evil – The worst characters

Those of you who are fans of Resident Evil are most likely aware of the poor voice acting that comes paired with the several iterations of the game series over the years, with even the remakes not being spared (Yes I’m looking at you RE1)! But it’s not just the bad voice acting letting the side down as often the characters they are trying to portray are just as bland and stale.

Today I will be pointing out some of the more hideous characters that have had the audacity to exist in an otherwise brilliant game franchise.


#5 – Chris Redfield

Before you get angry and tell me about how great Chris Redfield is, let’s not forget that his solution to defeating Wesker whist knee deep inside a volcano was to repeatedly punch a rock until it keeled over.


The sins don’t end here however, in Resident Evil 6 Chris takes it upon himself to go on a rampage after only just regaining his memories. His amnesia, of course, brought on from the loss of his squad, so naturally the first thing he does is to immediately ensure that his new squad meets the same fate. By the end of the game he is once again the last man standing. Mission accomplished but sloppy execution.

One final point on the failures of Chris Redfield would be his slip up when attempting to disarm a zombie warhead leading to the utter annihilation of Tachi and yet another zombie infested Raccoon City clone.


#4 – Ashley Graham

Has any ever enjoyed an escort quest? This is a genuine question as I am interested to find out if escort quests are loved and enjoyed by the masses or a cheap way to delay the player’s progress through a game.


Imagine now for a second that a game was built entirely around the escorting of one character from spot A to B. Then imaging that the character you have to escort does nothing at all to help the situation what so ever! Solution? Stuff her inside a heavy suit of armour to keep her from being dragged off.

She seems far more concerned about you not seeing up her skirt than the hoard of tentacle wielding monsters out for blood.


#3 – Billy Coen

Someone at Capcom came to the decision that Resident Evil doesn’t have enough generic tattooed characters with obnoxious and unlikable personalities so the geniuses at their character design studio came up with Billy Coen.


With his only skills being that he owns a body and can push buttons at the same time as Rebecca, the fact he happens to carry on his person a pistol that is more efficient at killing zombies and has more flesh on his body for the zombies to enjoy before he keels over is a clear sign of a truly interchangeable character. Billy Coen could literally be replaced by any other character in the series and the game would not change an ounce.


#2 – Alfred Ashford

What’s worse than trying to survive a zombie outbreak on an island? Trying to do so with a crazy psychopath who dresses up as his dead twin sister that’s what!


There is little to be said about this character other than everything about “it” screams budget B rated horror bargain basement student POV “horror” movie. Let us just hope they can learn from their mistakes.

Fortunately this particular character doesn’t grace the screen for very long and is dispatched in a fitting manner but not before making sure his pseudo dead sister is freed.


#1 – Steve Burnside

Clearly and without any doubt the worst character in the entire series. His opening action is of course to both shoot at you and then proceed to hinder your progress at every possible stage of the game.


A character who would rather hold on to a couple of gold pistols than help you to help save his own life. An obnoxious child character who no one ever felt anything other than joy when he was ejected from the game in a torrent of flesh and zombism. A fitting end to any and all romantic interests just slotted in for the sake of ticking boxes.

I hope you agree with the choices and if you have any other characters I have missed, make sure to leave a comment below. I’m sure a few of you have a beef with Helena. What’s your top 5 worst Resident Evil Characters?

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