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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Xbox One(984): Welcome to the PRISMdome

images1PRISM on the other hand, well that’s a different thing altogether.  There is no consent, it is simple smash and grab information gathering by the US government.  They do not allow police to walk in to your house and search every room for anything illegal, granted this is no doubt due to resources and man power more than anything else, but they don’t do it due to your civil rights and privacy; however, you keep waiving your rights and offering it all up to the world for free.  Surely like a third party company they can buy your information you have agreed to share?  Mind you this is in the aid of anti crime and terrorism so we cannot charge a government to have access, that would be unsafe and unpatriotic.  Maybe the worlds governments should just create their own social media or music app that we all want and need, then we would just hand over our information without little thought or regard.

Big Brother 1984

I would therefore urge you to please calm down and consider what you are saying and doing.  Then once you have done, take care with your information, look at what you are sharing and who with and above all, read those pesky T&C’s.  You see, once you control the flow of information you are giving, the less there is to be shared and therefore obtained by our governments.  If once done you are still not happy with your governments electronic surveillance measures, sign those petitions (yes I am fully aware of the fact you need to hand over your details to sign an anti privacy petition) and stand up and be heard.  Attend local government meetings or write to your representative, set out in good constructive points what is wrong with what they are doing.  Because it is scary, Orwell’s vision of a future is coming more and more to fruition. 

At this moment, the US government is on the cusp of starting down a dangerous path,  the western world is and should always be a free democracy, we cannot start down the path of the likes of North Korea, China or Burma.  These countries restrict what its people can and cannot read, learn or do.  If we allow these bills to pass through to law then before we know it we will be living in our own Oceania.

Should you have any concerns with your privacy or security there are a number of firms and websites out there to help you.  Oh and there is always us friendly lot here are Geek Pride who are willing to offer friendly advise and opinions (just don’t sue us).

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