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A Chat with Jonathan Coulton

by Chrison 01/06/2016
Jonathan Coulton (JoCo to his fans) is known worldwide as the geek’s musician.  Spinning lyrical tales about everything to do with geek culture, creating memorable pieces for some truly epic video games, and even releasing a comic based on one of his song characters.  Recently, I had the opportunity to ask him a few quick […]

Tap Heroes. Real Heroes Tap!

by Chrison 18/05/2016
  Tap Heroes!  Real Heroes Tap!  Over the past year or so, there has been a veritable panoply of “Idle” games released.  In this exceedingly crowded Idle Game market, it is rare to find a game that stands out for its simplicity and its addictiveness.  Tap Heroes, however, is one such game. Tap Heroes, like […]

Final Fantasy VII Nostalgia

by Chrison 10/05/2016
Final Fantasy VII With the upcoming remake on the horizon, I decided to go back and re-play through it in all its original glory. The Original Final Fantasy VII Trailer – Feel The Nostalgia! 120 hours in to my current play through and I am still loving it.  It has lost none of its charm […]

A Chat with Steven E Gordon

by Chrison 27/04/2016
Steven E Gordon is a world renowned artist, animator and Annie Award Nominee. Recently, I had the opportunity to ask him a few quick questions about his animation, the future, and his Annie Award nomination. GP – “I am sure you have been asked this a thousand times before, but what was it that first […]

Pandorica – The Future Reset

by Chrison 24/04/2016
WINNERS FOR OUR PANDORICA GIVEAWAY ARE: 1st: Iain Turnbull 2nd: Ethan Edwards 3rd: Bella Gale Runner up: Scott Braidwood. Emails and messages will be sent out to you soon. If we don’t get a reply within a week, we pass on your goodies to the next person! In the dark and dystopian future world of […]

A Review of Stoke-Con-Trent April 2016

by Chrison 18/04/2016
Now in its fourth year, Stoke-Con-Trent is a relative newcomer to the Convention scene.  Over the past four years though, they have gone on to attract some big name guests.  This years line up included Patricia Tallman, Garret Wang and Claudia Christian but to name a few. A small team from Geek Pride went along […]

Are Merchandise Stalls at Conventions a Con?

by Chrison 09/04/2016
Recently, I was chatting to a few friends about which conventions we had been to over the past few years and which we were looking forward to.  As is usual the conversation then moved on to the stalls at cons. We all unanimously agreed that they can be a massive rip off.  One example cited […]

Confession of a Lapsed DC Fanboy

by Chrison 26/03/2016
I have a confession to make. I have not seen any of the “new” Batman or Superman films.  None of them.  The last Batman film I saw was one with Arnie in it, and of course the last Superman film I saw had the exceptionally underrated Christopher Reeve in it. It is not that I […]

A Preview of Stoke CON Trent

by Chrison 24/02/2016
Convention season is fast approaching.  That means a veritable plethora of conventions, fests and other assorted geekery to sink your teeth into.  We here at Geek Pride will endeavour to visit many of these cons to bring you the low down on them.  Everything from the biggest mega Expo’s to the smallest local conventions.  If […]

A Brief Thought on Audio Commentaries

by Chrison 21/02/2016
DVD Audio commentaries.  Love them or hate them, they are a part of modern media.  I find myself enjoying them quite a fair bit if I am honest.  Some are absolutely terrible but some very rare gems are out there if you take the time to find them. One of the finest DVD commentaries I […]