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A Real Life Sarlacc

by Matt Gearyon 14/01/2017
So it seems the Sarlacc isn’t actually science fiction after all. In fact we have our very own Sarlaac right here on earth…. granted it’s a lot smaller but it’s apitite is just as unquenchable and its threat just as horrifying. Don’t believe me? Then check this out! From Wikipedia : Eunice aphroditois (colloquially known […]

Bridging the Stellar Divide

by Chris Roperon 24/04/2016
When our earliest ancestors gazed up into the night sky, dwarfed by the vast sparkling vista of light and darkness, it is easy to imagine their wonder. Our awe for the universe has changed little since the dawn of humanity and, in many ways, our knowledge of it has only made us hungrier to solve […]

Two Historic Space Anniversaries Celebrated Today

by trekkiemarkon 12/04/2016
The 12th of April is a special day for all space nerds out there as it marks the anniversary of not only the first manned flight into space but also the first space shuttle flight. We at Geek Pride are delighted to share two insightful documentaries of these two amazing events. First Orbit On a […]

Nostradamus, Tolkien and the End of Days

Both Michel de Nostredame (Nostradamus), famous 16th century prognosticator, and J.R.R. Tolkien, famous creator of Middle Earth, have predicted the End of Days, Nostradamus fully aware of what he was doing, and Tolkien, purely inadvertently. Nostradamus, in one of his quatrains, predicted that World War III, fought with weapons of unimaginable power, and which will […]

Why you want a physicist to speak at your funeral

by Matt Gearyon 03/07/2014
I would like to state now that this article, and the quote within, are NOT an attack or judgment of those with faith or religious belief, in any way shape or form. It is just something that really hit home with me and I felt compelled to share it and my thoughts on the subject. […]

Solar Freaking Roadways!

by Deepdarkredon 29/05/2014
Remember when we were kids and we used to imagine that the future will look a lot more like Star Trek and a lot less like the ’90s? Yeah? So do I. It’s almost like we’re stuck being “primitive”. No wonder no alien race has made contact yet (those cow kidnappers don’t count!). But let’s […]

Learn about nuclear physics from GLaDOS in this fun NASA video

by Chris Batemanon 03/03/2014
“Do you really not know what nuclear fusion is?” Everyone who has played Valve’s Portal loves GLaDOS, that’s a simple fact. Her sadistic, humourless and robotic tones turned an interesting physics puzzle game into a cult classic, enjoyed by many gamers who would otherwise steer well clear of the puzzle genre. So, how would you […]

Science For The Win! Brittany’s weekly Science Roundup

by TheWookieon 11/02/2014
Walk like an Egyptian…I mean dinosaur. We’ve all heard that birds are related to dinosaurs but scientists have recently come out and announced that birds actually ARE dinosaurs. Modern chickens have a helluva lot in common with their therapod ancestors. To learn how dinosaurs moved, researchers attached a weighted tail to a chicken to observe […]

Science For the Win! Brittany’s Weekly Science Round-up

by TheWookieon 03/02/2014
Stem Cells! I know, I know. I talk about stem cell research as if it was going out of style. When I was youngish and had just heard about the theory, I instantly sounded like Peter Griffin, “Why aren’t we funding this!?” It was impossible for me to fathom the very idea that people were […]

Science For The Win! Brittany’s Weekly Science Roundup

by TheWookieon 25/01/2014
Science For The Win! 2014 Week 3     Rosetta Has Awoken! In 2003 the ESA (European Space Agency) launched the satellite Rosetta. Shortly after launch the craft went into “hibernation” to preserve power and resources until it had reached it’s desired orbit. After 11 years the world received a tweet from the satellite itself, […]