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Geek Fuel: August 2016 Box

by xdustineflxon 21/08/2016
This month, we got our second box from Geek Fuel. After last month’s box was pretty decent on a whole, we decided to give Geek Fuel (and Nerd Block) at least one more month before we decided whether or not we’d keep the subscriptions. Was this month as good as last month? Let’s take a […]

Taking the Joke from the Joker

by SeanPWallaceon 19/08/2016
It’s not exactly news, but Suicide Squad didn’t get very good reviews. Personally, I don’t see what all of the hate was about: it’s a fun, slightly odd movie that kept me entertained and made me laugh. Each of the protagonists is well cast, as is Amanda Waller and Enchantress, and the tone is slightly […]

Suicide Squad Review and Giveaway : Not so Rotten after all!

by joshkingofgeekson 07/08/2016
*****POSSIBLE SPOILERS WITHIN***** ****Make sure to check out the Suicide Squad Giveaway at the bottom of the review.*** I walked into the midnight screening at my local Vue with optimism and an unbiased mind, I had read the review that Rotten Tomatoes had done and I really couldn’t believe they hated it that much. So […]

Nerd Block Classic: July 2016 Box

by xdustineflxon 23/07/2016
In addition to Geek Fuel, one of the subscription boxes I’m trying out is Nerd Block. I had heard good things about it from several friends, so it was worth a shot. The cool thing about Nerd Block is there are several themes you can choose from-Horror, Sci-Fi, Arcade, Kids, etc.-and you can swap between […]

Suicide Squad – ‘Blitz’ Trailer lands

by Callum Tyndallon 11/04/2016
The newest Suicide Squad trailer has just arrived and features plenty more action, a whole load of Joker and, interestingly, a fair amount of Batman. Perhaps most notable however is the humour content in the trailer. Given that Suicide Squad is apparently undergoing reshoots at the moment designed to up the comedy/fun element, following the […]

Suicide Squad Trailer Turns Up, Kills It

by Ben Feeon 20/01/2016
Ok, this film has been cruising pretty low on my excitement radar since the first brownscale cast photos emerged to a resounding chorus of “Meh…”. Jared Leto’s emo Joker did little alleviate this impression and so we pretty much forgot about what was sure to be another DC movie misfire… But then this trailer had […]

SDCC trailer for Suicide Squad released online

by Peter Ray Allisonon 14/07/2015
For those who were lucky enough to be at San Diego Comic Con, they would have been able to see the first trailer for the forthcoming Suicide Squad.  However, Warner Brothers took pity on those who were unable to make it, and have since released the trailer online. So far, Suicide Squad looks okay.  It […]

Should we stop getting HYPED?

by Andrew Corbanon 04/06/2015
Fallout 4… Suicide Squad… Game of Thrones… Does the hype train ever stop? When it comes to geeky things I like, I will happily be the first guy to get SUPER hyped up about the latest trailer, announcement, casting decision, etcetera etcetera… but as we get older we start to recognise how that may hurt […]

David Ayer reveals first look at Suicide Squad The Internet goes erm, what?

by Andy Haighon 04/05/2015
So for anyone that didn’t know the first official photo of the cast of David Ayer’s upcoming Suicide Squad in costume hit the internet after first appearing on Ayer’s Twitter account and well my response was pretty much a confused, ehhhh? Anyone with half a brain knows that there’s going to be some variation on […]

Warner Bros. Finally Announce 10 DC Movies Including Wonder Woman & The Flash

by Becca Harperon 17/10/2014
We knew it was coming, with whispers here and there we finally have official confirmation from Warner Bros of their line up for the next 10 movies based on the works of DC Comics. Announced by studio head Kevin Tsujihara, there are some very exciting titles. The run down goes as like so… 2015 Batman v Superman: […]