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Adventure Time: Morals and Science

What time is it!?

Adventure Time!!



My younger sister (25) introduced me to the show Adventure Time last year while my kids were visiting. At first I was hesitant to allow them to watch it, as it came across with a Family Guy feel to it. However, after watching a few episodes myself, I was more than happy to allow full access to the series. While it appears to be a very strange cartoon, Adventure Time actually teaches empathy and sends a message that science is cool. To quote a fellow comrade at Geek Pride, “All hail science!”

Adventure Time follows a young boy named Finn and his shapeshifting dog, Jake in a post apocalyptic world called Ooo.  OK, that does not sound very appealing, but bear with me. With Finn’s unwavering morals, him and Jake are always traveling through dungeons or through Ooo, completing quests to help others in need, with Jake’s sense of humor adding a delightful level of laughter for people of all ages.

There is a character named Princess Bubblegum, who is constantly trying to teach scientific values to the people in Ooo- usually failing epically due to their obsession with magic. However Princess Bubblegum is an amazing role model for young ones since she tries her best to expose the truth.



Adventure Time is by far one of the best shows for all ages to watch. Where adults find humor, children find a lesson learned about being a decent human being. Adventure Time teaches our next generation of geeks to be good people and have empathy for others in need. It is a great spin on “treat others as you would like to be treated” rule.

While I could get into a long tangent about certain episodes, I will bow out now and encourage that you watch it and judge for yourself.  

For an in depth, and different perspective, this was my source.

Brittany Thornton aka The Wookie, lives on the majestic islands of Hawaii. A mother of two up and coming geek daughters. A Whovian, a Tolkien lover, a Trekkie and obviously a fan of Star Wars, you'll usually find her on XboxLive, playing Destiny and getting killed... a lot. Want to win her over? Books, bring books. Food helps too.

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