DC’s New 52 Reveal: LOBO

by on 24/08/2013


There has been a lot of changes within DC Comics, especially since the launch of DC’s New 52 reboot. We’ve seen a lot of radical changes to characters within the DC universe, mostly within their female characters; where they have been altered drastically *cough*Harley Quinn*cough* specifically for the launch of this reboot. Now I won’t bore you with regards to the changes within the female characters as it’s been done before; but it seems it has finally happened to one of their male characters.

So I introduce to you, their new version of Lobo…. *tumbleweed*


Now don’t get me wrong it’s a wonderful illustration by Kenneth Rocafort, but that’s certainly no Lobo we are looking at. They did explore many other looks before settling on this one, and you can view the visual gallery of Lobo’s they were deciding from by looking at DC Comic’s Blog.

The new Lobo picture above will be making his debut in Justice League#23.2 Lobo, and apparently despite his new appearance he is still going to be the same Lobo we know and love… Personally to me, this just looks like a revised character under the same name; so what’s your view on this new look for Lobo?