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Darkest Dungeon Officially Released!

by SeanPWallaceon 23/01/2016
One of Kickstarter’s great success stories, Horror-themed turn-based RPG Darkest Dungeon has officially left the Early Access stage and is now officially on sale as a product. A dungeon crawler with stress mechanics, it follows a group of flawed and meager heroes as they delve into the horrors beneath a cursed manor. There has been […]

E3 2015: Sony Closes The Lid On Major Vita Games

by King Darrenon 17/06/2015
Amidst the glamorous news of new games, there’s a piece of bad news for Vita fans – Sony has pulled the plug in developing any future blockbusters for the hand-held gadget. Speaking with IGN, Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida said that the electronics giant will not be making any more AAA first-party games. Say goodbye to […]

Sony on the Naughty List? PSN hacked for Christmas

by SeanPWallaceon 26/12/2014
In case you’ve been too busy buying and wrapping presents this December to keep up with the news, Sony has been recovering from ‘hacks’ into their email system, purportedly over the release of The Interview. The same ‘hackers’ – who likely had some help from inside of Sony to breach their amazing digital fortresses – promised […]

Monochroma Release Announced

by Andrew Corbanon 05/03/2014
After a successful Kickstarter campaign and passing through Steam Greenlight, we can expect the stylishly atmospheric Monochroma to be with us soon courtesy of Turkish developers Nowhere Studios. Monochroma is a physics puzzle platformer with a cinematic visual style set in a dystopian alternate 1950s. The main hook of the game mechanics sees you needing […]

PlayStation Summer Showcase

by Phil_Matthewson 10/07/2013
Last week, I was lucky enough to go to Sony’s Summer Showcase event, in London’s Mayfair, where I got the opportunity to see and play some of Sony’s upcoming titles on PS3, PS Vita and PS4. The Main Screen In the main hall there was a giant screen, showing a video montage of various upcoming […]

PlayStation Plus – June 2013 EU Update

by Phil_Matthewson 21/05/2013
It’s that time of the month, where Sony have revealed the PS Plus offerings for the next month; so we at GP thought we’d pass this info on so you can decide if you want to start or renew your subscription for June or not. I’ve added a video of the month’s overview from PlayStation […]

Playstation Plus: March 2013

by James Buckinghamon 07/03/2013
Online systems in gaming consoles can be tetchy, and there’s a never-ending debate about which is better; Xbox Live or Playstation Plus. Just to sort it out for you all – there is no right or wrong answer – it just depends what you want out of your online gaming experience. I know a lot […]

Persona 4 Golden Review – 10GPPs

by MrBoxChatteron 22/02/2013
 Straight To The Point: A perfect version of an already phenomenal game, Persona 4 Golden is an essential experience that will take over your life.   Originally a spin-off of larger RPG franchise Shin-Megami-Tensei, Japanese developer Atlus’ anime-styled Persona series has enjoyed a sharp increase in popularity in recent years. Born on PSX the series […]