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Supergirl: Super Average

by Tom Sorsbyon 31/10/2015
I recently started a new job which has kept me pretty busy – last week, doubly so. This means time spent on the tabletop or before a TV screen has been at a premium, reserved only for The Walking Dead and Zombicide (which you can expect a review of soon. Spoiler: it’s brilliant). However, at the end […]

Melissa Benoist Cast as Supergirl

by Callum Tyndallon 23/01/2015
According to TV Line, CBS has found it’s Supergirl. When Greg Belanti (producer for Arrow and The Flash) announced plans for a Supergirl show, it was assumed that it would find its way on to the CW alongside Arrow and Flash. However, it has instead been picked up by parent company CBS and the question has since been who would step into the […]

EPIC Marvel vs. DC Fan Made Trailer

by Becca Harperon 22/12/2014
Compiling footage from films, video games and TV shows, including footage from Arrow, Flash and the unaired Wonder Woman pilot, the talented Alex Luthor has created every comics fans dream – An epic Marvel vs. DC showdown trailer. It cleverly features many of their respective heroes and some villains and though we realistically will never ever […]

Arrow and The Flash: Casting News

by Stephen Breweron 30/07/2014
Recently it has been announced that J.R Ramirez (House of Pain, Powers) has been cast to play Ted "Wildcat" Grant in the upcoming third season of Arrow. The character Ted Grant is a member of the Justice Society for America, as well as the mentor and trainer of other masked vigilantes including the Black Canary.

DC News: TV is getting a little more Super by the minute

by Daniel Delargyon 27/07/2014
At SDCC, DC presented fans with A Night of DC Entertainment. There they aired the pilots for both Gotham and The Flash to some very eager fans. After the showings, the casts of Arrow, Constantine, The Flash and Gotham all gathered in one panel to answer questions and reveal news (then, post questioning, Matt Ryan managed to convince them to show the Constantine pilot). Here is […]

The Flash – Full Length Trailer

by Daniel Delargyon 15/05/2014
This week marked the season finale for ‘Arrow’, as Season 2 came to a halt. For those who are fans of the masked Bowman, who seems to only get better with age, don’t fret: a third season will be made soon. What interested quite a lot of fans though was the teaser attached to the […]

CW green-lights ‘Flash’ TV Pilot

by Stephen Breweron 19/11/2013
Barry Allen, more commonly known as ‘The Flash‘ is being introduced through CW‘s popular superhero series Arrow. Grant Gustin (Glee) plays the DC hero in three episodes of Arrow in what could be called a ‘Back Door’ pilot.   On Arrow, Barry Allen (Gustin) is a Central City assistant police forensics investigator who arrives in […]

‘Glee’ Actor Cast as the Flash in upcoming Episodes of ‘Arrow’

by LadyNoctison 15/09/2013
  Grant Gustin, best known for his role Sebastian on “Glee,” will play Barry Allen aka The Flash, in the second season of Arrow. Gustin will be appearing in three episodes – eight, nine and twenty; and it shall serve as a backdoor pilot to a possible spinoff Flash series. “Arrow” star Stephen Amell offered some […]

CW to Make Flash Series

by Andrew Corbanon 30/07/2013
It appears that another DC Comics superhero is set to join the CW Network according to Deadline’s TV Editor, Nellie Andreeva, who broke the exclusive earlier today. The network are apparently fast tracking Flash, a drama project based on the Flash, by Arrow co-creators Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg.   Berlanti and Kreisberg will write […]

Comicbook Roundup (24/10/12)

by Laura Maieron 25/10/2012
AvX, because there’s always room for one more spinoff, continues in AvX Babies One-Shot, in which Lil’ Cyclops steals Baby Cap’s beloved Bucky Bear. Adorable hilarity ensues. Meanwhile, the grownups in AvX Consequences #2 are no longer duking it out, although what with Cyclops taking down a gang of prison inmates hell-bent on killing him, […]